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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Twenty20 World Cup: Live on TV Channels

Pakistani broadcaster Geo UK is telecasting the ICC Twenty/20 Cricket World Cup which started yesterday, Tuesday 11th September and will go on till the final on Monday 24th September. The Twenty/20 cricket World Cup is a huge coup for the channel who has been competing with the likes of ARY Digital and ZEE Network for Asian cricket rights in the UK. Furthermore, the channel will broadcast the cricket unencrypted. Geo UK will telecast the matches in UK and Europe in the Urdu dialect with Sky Sports holding the rights for commentary in English.


Live on PayPerView basis – they mention 2 differen options, 1 for Ontario and 1 for Canada. I don’t know what they really mean so it’s better you check with local Canada authorities. ( It may be that Rogers TV is for Ontario and Bell Express for the whole of Canada)

Rogers- 1-888-764-3771
For CBNCall Bell ExpressVu -1-888-759-3474
Live on ESPN (English) and Star Cricket (English audio)

Middle East Cricket Fans (Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait) please check Fox Sports and Hum FM. They had broadcasted the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 live earlier.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Points Table, Net Run Rates and Super Eight matches left

Australia - 6 points - Net Run Rate: +2.014
Matches left: England, Newzealand, Ireland, Sri Lanka

England - 2 points - Net Run Rate: +0.047
Matches left: Sri Lanka, Australia, South Africa, Bangladesh, West Indies

Sri Lanka - 2 points - Net Run Rate: +1.972
Matches left: West Indies, England, Australia, Newzealand, Ireland

West Indies - 2 points - Net Run Rate: -0.783
Matches left: England, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, South Africa

Newzealand - 4 points - Net Run Rate: +0.982
Matches left: Bangladesh, Ireland, Sri Lanka, South Africa, Australia

South Africa - 2 points - Net Run Rate: -0.714
Matches left: Ireland, Bangladesh, West Indies, Newzealand, England

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Results Summary till 19th March 2007

Date, Teams, Scores & Man of the Match for World Cup Cricket 2007 Matches: 13-03-07 to 19-03-07

Group D - West Indies vs. Pakistan
West Indies (241-9) beat Pakistan (187) by 54 runs
Dwayne Smith

Group A - Australia vs. Scotland
Australia (334-6) beat Scotland (131) by 203 runs
Ricky Ponting

Group C - Kenya vs. Canada
Kenya (203-3) beat Canada (199) by seven wickets
Steve Tikolo

Group B – Sri Lanka vs. Bermuda
Sri Lanka (321-6) beat Bermuda (78) by 243 runs
Mahela Jayawardene

Group D – Zimbabwe vs. Ireland
Ireland (221-9) tied with Zimbabwe (221)
Jeremy Bray

Group A- South Africa vs. Netherlands
South Africa (353-3) beat Netherlands (132-9) by 221 runs
Herschelle Gibbs

Group C – England vs. New Zealand
New Zealand (210-4) beat England (209-7) by six wickets
Scott Styris

Group B – India vs. Bangladesh
Bangladesh (192-5) beat India (191) by five wickets
Mashrafe Mortaza

Group D - Pakistan vs. Ireland
Ireland (133-7) beat Pakistan (132) by three wickets
Niall O’Brien

Group A – Australia vs. Netherlands
Australia (358-5) beat Netherlands (129) by 229 runs
Brad Hodge

Group C – England vs. Canada
England (279-6) beat Canada (228-7) by 51 runs
Paul Collingwood

Group B – India vs. Bermuda
India (413-5) beat Bermuda (156) by 257 runs
Virender Sehwag

Group D - West Indies vs. Zimbabwe
West Indies (204-4) beat Zimbabwe (202-5) by six wickets
Sean Williams

Friday, March 16, 2007

Qualification Rules for the Super Eight Stage of the World Cup

Following the Group stage the top 2 teams in each group will progress to the next phase (the Super Eight series). Each team will play every other team that has qualified for the Super Eight series except for the team that it played in the Group stage (six matches). The result of this match and any points gained will be carried forward to the Super Eight series. No other points from the Group stage will be carried forward to the Super Eight series.

The following point system will apply:

Win 2 Tie or no result 1 Loss 0

Group Matches
In the event of teams finishing on equal points in its Group, the right to play in the Super Eight series will be decided in the following order of priority:

• The team with the most wins in the Group matches will be
placed in the higher position.
• If there are teams with equal points and equal wins in the
Group matches then in such case the team with the higher
net run rate in the Group matches will be placed in the
higher position

• If following the net run rate calculation above there are
teams which are still equal, then the team with the higher
number of wickets taken per balls bowled in the Group
matches in which results were achieved will be placed in the
higher position.
• If still equal, the team which was the winner of the head to
head match played between them will be placed in the
higher position.
• In the highly unlikely event that teams cannot be separated
by the above this will be done by drawing lots.

However, for the purpose of the Super Eight stage, even if Australia finish second and South Africa first on the basis of point in its group, Australia will still be treated as A1 and South Africa as A2. Here, the ICC ratings will apply.

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 - Rules for the Bowl Out

The following procedure will apply should the provision for a bowl out be adopted in any match.

1. Subject to weather conditions the bowl out will take place on the scheduled day of the match at a time to be determined by the referee.

2. The bowl out will take place on the pitch allocated for the match (the designated pitch) unless otherwise determined by the umpires in consultation with the ground authority and the referee.

3. A full set of stumps, including bails, will be pitched at both ends of the designated pitch.

4. The bowlers will all bowl from the same end.

5. The host television broadcaster shall be consulted as to which end of the ground the bowlers should bowl from, although the final decision will be taken by the referee.

6. CWC 07 shall ensure there is an adequate supply of dry, used balls.

7. The captains shall toss a coin for the right to decide which team bowls first or second in the bowl out. The referee will supervise the toss in the normal manner.

8. The captains shall nominate their five bowlers to each other, the umpires and referee prior to the toss. In the event of injury during the bowl out, the injured player may be replaced by another bowler.

9. The wicket keeper will not be permitted to stand up to the stumps.

10. No bowler will be allowed a practice delivery.

11. The umpires will stand in their normal positions and will be responsible for officially recording the number of ‘hits’ on the wicket. Their decision shall be final as to the result.

12. The referee will be responsible for making sure only the chosen bowlers actually bowl, and that no bowler bowls more than once until permitted to do so.

13. The bowls are taken alternately by the teams.

14. The team with the most number of hits after five bowls shall be declared the winner.

15. If, after both teams have taken five bowls, both have scored the same number of hits on the wicket, or have not scored any hits, bowls continue to be taken in the same order until one team has scored a hit more than the other from the same number of bowls. That team shall be declared the winner.

16. Each bowl is taken by a different player and all 10 eligible players (the wicket keeper shall not bowl) must bowl a delivery before any player can take a second bowl.

17. Only the eligible players and match officials are permitted to remain on the field of play when the bowls are being taken.

18. All players, except the bowler at the time and the wicket keeper, must remain just outside the 30 yard circle at mid-wicket.

19. Unless otherwise stated by the referee and on-field umpires, Law 24 and ICC standard playing condition 24.1 shall apply. In the case of an infringement the umpire shall call ‘no ball’ and the delivery shall be considered a miss and will not be retaken.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

West Indies crush Pakistan in World Cup opener

Pakistan vs West Indies, 13th March 2007, Sabina Park in Jamaica
Pakistan Scorecard cum Summary:
187 all out in 47.2 overs, lost to West Indies by 54 runs
Man of the match: D Smith
Imran Nazir – 6
Hafeez – 11
Younis Khan – 9
Mohammad Yousuf – 37
Inzamam-ul-Haq – 36
Shoaib Malik – 62
Kamran Akmal – duck
Rana Naved – 11
Rao Ifthikar – 11
Umar Gul – 0
Kaneria not out without scoring

Nazir, Khan & Yousuf were caught by the Windies keeper Ramdin. While Powell got rid of both the openers, Bravo cleaned the last 3. Smith chipped in with 2 wickets. Taylore & Collymore took one each

Match 1: West Indies vs Pakistan - Windies Scorecard

West Indies: Scorecard cum Highlights
241/9 in 50 overs
Chris Gayle caught Akmal bowled Gul – 2 runs off 6 balls, Strike Rate: 33.33
Chanderpaul c Akmal b Ifthikar – 19 off 63, SR: 30.16
Sarwarn c Younis Khan b Ifthikar – 49 runs off 65 balls, Strike Rate: 75.38
Marlon Samuels c Malik b Hafeez – 63 off 70
( with 5 boundaries and 3 sixes, Samuel’s strike rate was 90%. He was the one who both steadied the West Indian ship and provided them momentum. He fell when the score was 181)
Brian Lara c Akmal b Hafeez – 37 off 56 balls
(He got out at exactly the right moment for Pakistan. If the Windies captain had been around for a couple of more overs, the score would have been well in excess of 250. Not that it mattered)
Bravo – 16 off 17
Ramdin failed, fell for 1
Smith was the one who gave the inning the much needed late momentum. His 32 off just 15 balls included 2 sixes and 3 boundaries
Taylor – run out for 1
Powell and Collymore not out, for 1 and 8 respectively
Rao Ifthikar finished with top honours for Pakistan, taking 3 wickets. Gul and Hafeez took 2 wickets each, while Kaneria took 1. Don't know why Inzamam didn't utilize Gul's full quota of 10 overs. Probably a calculation mistake - Gul's figures read 9-1-38-2.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Live Cricket World Cup in Canada

Rogers Cable Communications Inc. has announced the launch of ATN Cricket Plus Channel, which will broadcast live the ICC (International Cricket Council) Cricket World Cup 2007 being held in the WestIndies.From the opening ceremonies on March 11th to the final onApril 28th Rogers Personal TV customers in Ontario and New Brunswick will be able to watch all the 51 games on channels 498 and 577.
Rogers PersonalTV customers can subscribe to the ATN Cricket Plus Channel for $179.99 (billed in 2 installments of $89.99), plus the rental or purchase of a digital cable set-top box. For more information about the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 or to order the ATN Cricket Plus Channel, customers can call 1-888-ROGERS.

World Cup 2007 - Summary of the Warm-up Matches

Scotland v Sri Lanka at Bridgetown - March 5, 2007
Sri Lanka won by 159 runs
Sri Lanka 294/7 (50 overs), Scotland 135 (41.2 overs)

West Indies v Kenya at Greenfields - March 5, 2007
West Indies won by 21 runs
West Indies 268/6 (50 overs), Kenya 247/7 (50 overs)
Bermuda v England at Kingstown - March 5, 2007
England won by 241 runs
England 286/8 (50 overs), Bermuda 45 (22.2 overs)

Ireland v South Africa at St Augustine - March 5, 2007
South Africa won by 35 runs
South Africa 192 (50 overs), Ireland 157 (44.2 overs)
Ireland quite impressed everyone with their performance, and South Africa were in more than a bit of trouble before they managed to bounce back.

Australia v Zimbabwe at Kingstown - March 6, 2007
Australia won by 106 runs
Australia 290/7 (50 overs), Zimbabwe 184/7 (50 overs)
The big upset:
Bangladesh v New Zealand at Bridgetown, Barbados - March 6, 2007
Bangladesh won by 2 wickets
New Zealand 226 (47.2 overs), Bangladesh 230/8 (49 overs)
In spite of Jacob Oram batting with a broken finger and scoring a fine 88, NZ who came to West Indies riding on sky-high confidence having just beaten Australia 3-0, were given a rude shock by Bangladesh, at best, the best of the minnows.

Canada v Pakistan at St Augustine - March 6, 2007
Pakistan won by 77 runs
Pakistan 273/8 (48 overs), Canada 196 (46.4 overs)

India v Netherlands at Greenfields - March 6, 2007
India won by 182 runs
India 300/9 (50 overs), Netherlands 118 (37.5 overs)

Bangladesh v Scotland at Bridgetown, Barbados - March 8, 2007
Bangladesh won by 7 wickets
Scotland 152/9 (50 overs), Bangladesh 156/3 (34.1 overs)

Bermuda v Zimbabwe at Kingstown - March 8, 2007
Zimbabwe won by 6 wickets
Bermuda 136 (50 overs), Zimbabwe 137/4 (29 overs)

Canada v Ireland at St Augustine - March 8, 2007
Ireland won by 7 wickets
Canada 115 (32.5 overs), Ireland 116/3 (26.5 overs)

Kenya v Netherlands at Greenfields - March 8, 2007
Kenya won by 9 runs
Kenya 274/8 (50 overs), Netherlands 265/9 (50 overs)

Australia v England at Kingstown - March 9, 2007
Australia won by 5 wickets
England 197 (48.3 overs), Australia 200/5 (40.5 overs)

New Zealand v Sri Lanka at Bridgetown, Barbados - March 9, 2007
New Zealand won by 18 runs
New Zealand 285/8 (50 overs), Sri Lanka 267 (48.2 overs)

Pakistan v South Africa at St Augustine - March 9, 2007
Pakistan won by 7 wickets
South Africa 199 (48.3 overs), Pakistan 200/3 (44.3 overs)

India vs West Indies at Greenfields - March 9, 2007
India won by 9 wickets
West Indies 85 (25.5 overs), India 86/1 (18.3 overs)

Sunday, March 04, 2007

World Cup Warms-Up from Today

In a few hours from now, action begins at the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, with 8 of the participating nations beginning the first of their warm-up matches today. The matches for the day are:

West Indies vs Kenya, Trelawny Stadium, Jamaica
( The Trelawny will also be the venue for the opening ceremony of the World Cup to be held on Sunday, 11th March)
South Africa vs Ireland, Trinidad
England vs Bermuda, St. Vincent
Sri Lanka vs Scotland, 3Ws Oval, Barbados

The remaining 8 teams will be seen in action tomorrow, followed by a no-play Wednesday before the teams begin the second round of warm-up from Thursday.

Tuesday's (6 March) warm-up schedule is:

India vs Netherlands, Trelawny, Jamaica
Australia vs Zimbabwe, St, Vincent
Newzealand vs Bangladesh, Barbados
Pakistan vs Canada, Trinidad

Though all-rounder Andrew Symonds did participate in some light action on the park, Australia is in a bit of a worry right now with only 12 players ready to play in Tuesday's match against the African side. ( In the warm-up matches, each team is allowed to utlilize upto 13 players. Obviously, these warm-up matches do not have official ODI status.)

Friday, March 02, 2007

New flights for the Cup

Air Jamaica has introduced special flights for the World Cup. It will now be possible to fly from Florida for a match and return the same evening. This service will be available for the group matches and the semi-final.

There are a few regional flights to connect the cricket fans better to the island of Barbados also.


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Cricket Trivia & Quizzes

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Buy World Cup Cricket Tickets Online

The prices for the Cricket World Cup match tickets
in the West Indies have been fixed between US $ 10 and 300. You may go for single match tickets, venue combinations, follow team paths or go for bigger packages. Click here for online bookings and more details on world cup tickets.

Caribbean Cricket Cruises

The ocean liner Galaxy has crafted some 5 sexy cruise itineraries for those wanting to enoy the World Cup Cricket in the Caribbean in style.

from their site:
"The Galaxy Cricket cruises are officially endorsed products. Richleigh Yachts, by working alongside Edusport Travel and Cricket Logistics have access to category 1 match tickets for each of the matches listed in the itineraries."

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Tuesday, February 27, 2007


"Take your party to cricket city Trinidad, where the rambunctious annual carnival seems to last all year - laughter and celebration are just another day's work for a supremely fun loving people."
- Carmen Roberts, writing for Travel Plus

Every year, in the month of February, the island nations of Trinidad & Tobago come alive with the annual carnival. This year the excitement is that much more as locals wait for an extended party this year, as the world's biggest cricket show unfurls in the Carribean. Music & Dance are as much a part of life here as cricket - no match at the Queen's Park stadium goes unaccompanied by singing & feverish chanting. So it's anyone's guess what the atmosphere is going to be like during the World Cup.

Getting there:

Air India, American Airlines and British West Indies Airways (BWIA) fly from Indian metros via London and New York to Port of Spain. The islands are also well-connected from Australia and UK. ( directly or indirectly through the States).

Hotels in Trinidad & Tobago:

Chancellor Hotel, St. Anns, Phone: +1 186 623 0883
Hilton Trinida, Port of Spain, phone: + 1 868 623 0883
Other good hotels include the Hilton Tobago, The Gingerbread House and The Oceanpoint.


Smokey and Bunty's on Western Main Road. St. Jame's is another popular bar.
Food: Veni Mange serves you authentic local food, great ambience too.

Don't miss:

- The Pan-yards - in every village you will find one. These are still orchestras of upto a hundred people and make for some real loud & great music.
- The Asa Wright Nature Centre, a protected reserve . If you are into bird-watching then this is just the place for you. Also, check out the Marianne Waterfall.

Monday, February 26, 2007

Warming-up for the 2007 Cup

Venues for the warm-up matches:

Jamaica Trelawny - India, Kenya, West Indies, the Netherlands
St Vincent - England, Bermuda, Australia, Zimbabwe
Trinidad - Canada, Pakistan, England, South Africa
Barbados - Sri Lanka, Newzealand, Bangladesh, Ireland

Monday 5th March
West Indies v Kenya
England v Bermuda
Ireland v South Africa
Sri Lanka v Scotland

Tuesday 6th March
India v The Netherlands
Australia v Zimbabwe
Canada v Pakistan
New Zealand v Bangladesh

Thursday 8th March
Kenya v The Netherlands
Zimbabwe v Bermuda
Ireland v Canada
Scotland v Bangladesh

Friday 9th March
India v West Indies
Australia v England
Pakistan v South Africa
New Zealand v Sri Lanka

South Africa: Team & Schedule

SA team for ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

Graeme Smith (captain), Jacques Kallis, Loots Bosman, Boucher (w.k.), AB de Villiers, Herschelle Gibbs, Andrew Hall, Justin Kemp, Ashwell Prince, Charles Langeveldt, Andre Nel, Makhaya Ntini, Robin Peterson, Shaun Pollock, Roger Telemachus

First Phase Schedule:

Friday 16th March: South Africa vs Holland
Tuesday 20th March: Scotland vs South Africa
Saturday 24th March: Australia vs South Africa

West Indies: Team & Schedule

Brian Lara (captain), Ramnaresh Sarwan, Chris Gayle, Dwayne Smith, Shivnarine Chanderpaul, Dwayne Bravo, Marlon Samuels, Ian Bradshaw, Dinesh Ramdin, Corey Collymore, Jerome Taylor, Devon Smith, Lendl Simmons, Daren Powell, Kieron Pollard
Who are Lendl Simmons and Kieroon Pollard?
( he is apparently a batter, has played 6 matches and averages 18 odd.. in case he is more popular than that, kindly forgive my ignorance. Pollard is yet to play any ODIs, though he has played 5 twenty-twenty matches, averages 32)

West Indies' schedule for the League phase:

Tuesday 13th March - In the first match of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007, the hosts take on Pakistan
Monday 19th March - vs Zimbabwe
Friday 23rd March - Ireland vs West Indies

(All matches in Jamaica)

Black Caps Team & Schedule for the Cricket World Cup

Stephen Fleming (captain), Daniel Vettori (vice-captain), Lou Vincent, Daryl Tuffey, Shane Bond, James Franklin, Peter Fulton, Mark Gillespie, Brendon McCullum (wicket-keeper), Craig McMillan, Michael Mason, Oram, Jeetan Patel, Scott Styris, Ross Taylor

League-phase Schedule for the Newzealand team. All matches in St. Lucia

Friday 16th March: England vs Newzealand
Tuesday 20th March: against previous edition's semi-finalist Kenya
Saturday 24th March: Canada

India: Team & Schedule for World Cup

Rahul Dravid (captain), Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, Virender Sehwag, Robin Uthappa, Yuvraj Singh, Dinesh Karthick, Mahendra Singh Dhoni (wicket-keeper), Irfan Pathan, Ajit Agarkar, Zaheer Khan, Sreesanth, Harbhajan Singh, Anil Kumble & Munaf Patel.

Back-ups: (in case of injuries)
VRV Singh & Suresh Raina
however Pathan has proved his fitness now (in the eyes of the Indian Selectors!!), so the back-ups don't have much of a hope now.

India's Schedule for the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

17th March - Bangladesh
19th March - Bermuda
23rd March - Sri Lanka

India's very-likely Super-Eight Schedule
( unless there is an upset the result of the India-Lanka match will not influence this schedule)
Saturday 31st March : India vs Australia, Venue: Antigua & Barbuda
Monday 2nd April: India vs Newzealand, Venue: Antigua & Barbuda
Saturday 7th April: India vs South Africa, Venue: Guyana
Wednesday 11th April: India vs England, Venue: Barbados
the big one:
Sunday 15th April: India vs Pakistan, Venue: Barbados
Thursday 19th April: India vs West Indies, Venue: Barbados

beyond that any predictions will be pretty hazardous so i'm refraining myself from joining that bandwagon, as of now!!

Sri Lanka: Team & Schedule for World Cup 2007

Mahela Jayawardene (Capt), Kumar Sangakkara (V. Capt), Sanath Jayasuriya, Upul Tharanga, Marvan Atapattu, T. M. Dilshan, Chamara Silva, F. Maharoof, Muttiah Muralitharan, Chaminda Vaas, Russel Arnold, Dilhara Fernando, Malinga Bandara, Nuwan Kulasekera, Lasith Malinga

The Sri Lanka Cricket Board has also announced 4 stand-bys for the World Cup squad:
Chamara Kapugedera, Upul Chandana, Akalanka Ganegama, Ruchira Perera

Schedule for the League Stage:

Thursday 15th March - Lanka vs Bermuda
Wednesday 21st March - Lanka vs Bangladesh
Friday 23rd March - Lanka vs India

Sunday, February 25, 2007

ICC Cricket Ratings & Super Eight: Super Confusion

"Team names for the Super Eight stage are indicative based on the top two teams from the Group Stage qualifying. If these two teams do qualify they will be seeded in position 1 or 2 as specified regardless of whether they finish first or second in their group. For example, if South Africa wins Group A and Australia comes second, for the purposes of the Super Eights, South Africa will still be A2 and Australia will be A1. If, for example, Scotland qualifies instead of Australia, Scotland will become A1."

That's an
extract from the World Cup Schedule page on the official International Cricket Committee site. On this page, the ICC has shown us the likely contenders in the Super Eight matches - for example if the match is between A2 & B1, then the likely contestants should be India and Australia. It was funny why the ICC had gone to such ridiculous lengths to explain - that's where the fine print becomes important. Read on..

What the fine print means is that the ICC Cricket Ratings will rule. For example, even if India beats all other teams in its group, Sri Lanka may still finish on top of the group as far as the Super Eight is concerned because it's the ICC Cricket Ratings that will decide that.

I also don't know what the ICC means by that last statement: "If Scotland qualifies instead of Australia...how do we know who is qualifying instead of whom..what if Scotland and the Netherlands qualify?"

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Pakistan includes Akhtar in World Cup Team

Inzamam ul Haq (captain), Imran Nazir, Kamran Akmal (Wicket-keeper), Muhammad Hafeez, Younis Khan (vice captain), Muhammad Yousaf, Shoaib Malik, Abdul Razzaq, Shahid Afridi, Umer Gul, Shoaib Akhtar, Muhammad Asif, Rao Iftikhar Anjum, Danish Kaneria, Naveed ul Hasan Rana

According to a Pakistan Cricket Board brief, Shoaib Akhtar and Umer Gul's inclusion is subject to their passing a fitness test - they were however mum on what happens if they don't. PCB has not announced any back-ups unlike India.

For more on cricket, log onto Cricket Et Cetera

Pakistan's schedule for the World Cup league phase in West Indies:
Tuesday 13th March - against the hosts, West Indies
Saturday 17th March - Pakistan vs Ireland
Wednesday 21st March - against Zimbabwe

Very-likely schedule for Pakistan in the Super-Eight:
Friday 30th March - vs England in Guyana
Tuesday 3rd April - Pakistan vs South Africa, again Guyana
Monday 9th April - Newzeland vs Pakistan, Guyana yet again
Friday the 13th of April - Pakistan vs Australia, Barbados
Sunday 15th April - India vs Pakistan, Barbados
Wednesday 18th April - against Lanka, Grenada

England Cricket Team for World Cup 2007

Michael Vaughan (Captain), Paul Nixon (Wicket-keeper), Ed Joyce, Ian Bell, Ravi Bopara, Paul Collingwood, Jamie Dalrymple, Andrew Flintoff, Jon Lewis, James Anderson, Sajid Mahmood, Monty Panesar, Kevin Pietersen, Liam Plunkett, Andrew Strauss
England's World Cup Cricket Schedule:
Friday 13th March - Newzealand vs England, St. Lucia
Sunday 18th March - vs Canada
Saturday 24th March - England vs Kenya
All the above matches at the same venue.
Very likely Super-Eight schedule for the English Cricketers:
Friday 30th March - England vs Pakistan, Guyana
Wednesday 4th April - Sri Lanka, Antigua & Barbadas
Sunday 8th April - England vs Australia, Antigua & Barbadas
Wedneday 11th April - India vs England, Barbados
Tuesday 17th April - against South Africa in Barbados
Saturday 21st April - England vs West Indies, Barbados ( this is also the last match of the super-eight)

Cricket World Cup 2007: Australian Team

Rickey Ponting, Michael Clarke, Nathan Bracken, Adam Gilchrist (wicketkeeper), Brad Haddin (wicket keeper), Matthew Hayden, Brad Hodge, Brad Hogg, Michael Hussey, Michael Johnson, Shane Tait, Shane Watson, Brett Lee, Glenn Mc Grath, Andrew Symonds

ICC has allowed Cricket Australia to replace Andrew Symonds should he not be fit in time. Adam Gilchrist may not take part in the first few matches as he would be home with his new-born.

For interesting cricket trivia, check the Cricket Quiz

Australia's schedule for the 2007 league stage:

Wednesday 14th March: Scotland
Sunday 18th March: Netherlands
Saturday 24th March: Australia vs South Africa

The Aussies will play all their league matches in St. Kitts & Nevi's

Likely schedule for Australia in ICC World Cup 2007

Tuesday 27th March - they should be taking on the hosts, the West Indies in Antigua & Barbadas
Saturday 31st March - India vs Australia, venue same as above
Sunday 8th April - Australia vs England, still at Antigua & Barbadas
Friday 13th April - the Oz take on Pakistan in Barbados
Monday 16th April - Sri Lanka in Grenada
Friday 20th April - Newzealand vs Australia, Grenada

World Cup Cricket 2007: TV & Radio Schedules

Click here if you are looking for the complete Live Telecast Schedule alongwith names of country and TV channel for the T20 World Cup 2010

World Cup Cricket 2007, West Indies: List of TV & Radio Channels telecasting & broadcasting the cricket matches live, country-wise:

1930hrs Set Max, Doordarshan & All India Radio. In Delhi, you can catch it on FM 106.4 as well
(for a complete schedule of World Cup Cricket on the Sony Network: Set Max, SAB & PIX, click here)

2000 hrs PTV, Ten Sports, Freschia (Radio)

0100 hrs ARY Digital, BBC Radio

Sri Lanka
1930 hrs RupaVahini, BBC Radio

New Zealand
0300 hrs Sky Newzealand, BBC Radio

South Africa
1600 hrs SABC, SABC (Radio & TV)

Middle East ( including Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain)
1800 hrs Fox Sports, Hum FM

Caribbean (including Jamica, Trinidad & Tobago, Barbados & Antigua)
1000 hrs - Caribbean TV, CMC

North America - 0900 hrs Echo Star, BBC Radio

South America - 1000 hrs Echo Star, BBC Radio

Central America - 0930 hrs Echo Star, BBC Radio

England, Ireland, Scotland
1400 hrs - BSkyB, BBC Television, BBC Radio

Rest of Europe (including France, Germany & Sweden)
1500 hrs - ARY Digital, BBC Radio

0200 hrs - ARY Digital, BBC Radio

2000 hrs Bangladesh TV, Bangladesh Radio

2200hrs Set Max, BBC Radio

2200 hrs Set Max, BBC Radio

1945hrs Set Max, BBC Radio