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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Cricket World Cup Venues: St. Kitt's & Nevis

St. Kitt's & Nevi's will host the Group A teams: Australia, SA, Scotland & The Netherlands. Its capital is the lovely Basseterre.

Location: St. Kitts lies about 8 km SE of the Netherlands Antilles and 72 km NW of Antigua, in the Leeward Islands.

Temperature hovers between 25 and 32 degrees celsius round the year.

The Warner Park Cricket Grounds and Stadium in St. Kitts will host the Group A matches of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007

The picture above in the schedule background is of the old pavillion at St. Kitt's. The stadium will have an all new look for the World Cup.

The Groups

Group A:
Australia, SA, Scotland, Netherlands

matches in St.Kitts & Nevis

Group B:
India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Bermuda

matches in Trindiad & Tobago

Group C:
England, NZ, Kenya, Canada

matches at St.Lucia

Group D:
West Indies, Pakistan, Zimbabwe, Ireland

matches in Jamaica