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Friday, March 16, 2007

ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 - Rules for the Bowl Out

The following procedure will apply should the provision for a bowl out be adopted in any match.

1. Subject to weather conditions the bowl out will take place on the scheduled day of the match at a time to be determined by the referee.

2. The bowl out will take place on the pitch allocated for the match (the designated pitch) unless otherwise determined by the umpires in consultation with the ground authority and the referee.

3. A full set of stumps, including bails, will be pitched at both ends of the designated pitch.

4. The bowlers will all bowl from the same end.

5. The host television broadcaster shall be consulted as to which end of the ground the bowlers should bowl from, although the final decision will be taken by the referee.

6. CWC 07 shall ensure there is an adequate supply of dry, used balls.

7. The captains shall toss a coin for the right to decide which team bowls first or second in the bowl out. The referee will supervise the toss in the normal manner.

8. The captains shall nominate their five bowlers to each other, the umpires and referee prior to the toss. In the event of injury during the bowl out, the injured player may be replaced by another bowler.

9. The wicket keeper will not be permitted to stand up to the stumps.

10. No bowler will be allowed a practice delivery.

11. The umpires will stand in their normal positions and will be responsible for officially recording the number of ‘hits’ on the wicket. Their decision shall be final as to the result.

12. The referee will be responsible for making sure only the chosen bowlers actually bowl, and that no bowler bowls more than once until permitted to do so.

13. The bowls are taken alternately by the teams.

14. The team with the most number of hits after five bowls shall be declared the winner.

15. If, after both teams have taken five bowls, both have scored the same number of hits on the wicket, or have not scored any hits, bowls continue to be taken in the same order until one team has scored a hit more than the other from the same number of bowls. That team shall be declared the winner.

16. Each bowl is taken by a different player and all 10 eligible players (the wicket keeper shall not bowl) must bowl a delivery before any player can take a second bowl.

17. Only the eligible players and match officials are permitted to remain on the field of play when the bowls are being taken.

18. All players, except the bowler at the time and the wicket keeper, must remain just outside the 30 yard circle at mid-wicket.

19. Unless otherwise stated by the referee and on-field umpires, Law 24 and ICC standard playing condition 24.1 shall apply. In the case of an infringement the umpire shall call ‘no ball’ and the delivery shall be considered a miss and will not be retaken.